A Trusted Law Firm For Asylum And Immigration Courts

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Fan & Brinson, LLC, have earned a reputation for successfully guiding clients through the U.S. asylum process and representing their best interests in immigration court hearings. Our lead counsel, Leda G. Fan, has over 20 years of immigration law experience and a long record of favorable case results. From our New Orleans, Louisiana, office, she helps people across the U.S. with the asylum process and immigration.

Knowledgeable Guidance Through The Asylum Application Process

To apply for asylum, you must face persecution in your home country because of your race, religion, nationality, political opinion and/or membership in a social group. Adult asylees may have to wait years to get an interview with an asylum officer. Because of the long wait time and the risk of deportation, you should have experienced legal counsel guiding your application from the beginning.

Ms. Fan knows how high the stakes are in the asylum process and she will work to get you the best possible outcome. Ms. Fan will help you write a well-crafted affirmative asylum application and file any paperwork on your behalf. If you are facing removal proceedings with the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), she will assist you with the defensive asylum application.

Ms. Fan has an extensive knowledge of both Chinese and U.S. immigration laws. This understanding allows her to give Chinese immigrants comprehensive legal counsel for asylum applications and in the courtroom. Ms. Fan is both a Chinese and English speaker who will communicate in your preferred language.

Trusted Representation For Immigrant Court

Our lawyers are aggressive litigators for our clients. Ms. Fan creates effective immigration court strategies backed by decades of experience. She is equally skilled at document-based and civil court cases. Ms. Fan has favorably represented many clients in front of the Board of Immigration Appeals, the highest administrative body for interpreting immigration law.

Our attorneys are ready to guide your immigration application and represent you in the courtroom. We are available by phone, email, WeChat and other technology platforms. Call 504-324-2280 or fill out the email form to schedule your free consultation.